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Break up clumps and hard ground with ease.

The BCS 710 rotovator is the first choice for many professional landscapers across the country, which is testament to the superb performance of this outstanding rotovator.

The machine uses two different drives; one which controls the wheels to move the machine forwards and the other which controls the digging tines. Because both drives are functioning simultaneously the machine is effectively doing all the work. 

The rotovator will keep digging for as long as it is in contact with the ground and in good conditions, and after a few passes, it can dig down to a depth of up to 8" (20cm).

The digging depth is easily controlled via the control lever which is located on top of the digging box. To increase the digging depth simply move the lever up, or for shallow digging move it all the way in.

With a 20" (52cm) rotovator box on the rear of the machine, the BCS 710 Rotovator is perfectly balanced. Combine this with a single forward and reverse speed and you've got a rotovator that's ideal for allotments and gardens and will quickly get your job done with the minimum effort on your part.



See our excavator in action by clicking here 

See our Rotovator in action by clicking HERE



500mm Petrol Rotavator

Key Information

13 lbs (with 18'' tiller); 235 lbs (with 20" tiller)
20 Inch (52 Cm) Width Rotavator
Working Speeds
2 forward, 2 reverse
Standard Wheel Size
4x8x16"; Optional sizes: 4x10x18" or 5x10x19.5"
Clutch Type
Double cone with compression spring

Safety Equipment

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