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Drum and disc sanders for the perfect job

For large areas, use the HT8 drum sander:

The HT8 EX is a 200mm (8") high performance drum floor sander with  multi-speed control.

The continuous abrasive belt provides ultra smooth sanding performance on all types of wooden floors including parquet and engineered floors, while the Multi Speed gives the user total control. The expandable drum technology is the choice of the professional user and ideal solution for the in store DIY user.

Completely self contained with a high efficiency dust pick-up, the HT8 EX breaks down into three simple component parts for easy transport. The high impact ABS injection moulded side guards and drum guard will not scar or scuff walls and protect the HT8 EX during transport.

The HT8 will sand all types of wooden floors including parquet to a fine score free finish. The HT8 can also be used on a wide range of other surfaces including fibre board, cork, engineered and composition floors.


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For edging and small areas, the HT7 is for you: 

The HT7 is a high performance disc floor sander (edger) that delivers unrivalled balance and feel. The choice of professionals, the HT7 delivers the power to tackle the toughest of jobs.

The HT7 Disc Floor Sander will sand a high quality, score-free finish on hard and soft wood floors, including parquet and any solid wood surface that requires rapid sanding and levelling. The HT7 can also be used on a wide range of other surfaces including some types of decking, fibre board, cork, composition and engineered floors. Ideal for confined areas such as closets, stair treads and sanding right up to the edge of a floor (edge sanding), without damage to the base board, mouldings or skirting.


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Of course, we supply a full range of professional sanding belts and disc on a sale or return basis - if you don't use it, you don't pay.



Floor Sander HT7 110 Volt

Floor Sander HT8 110 Volt

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