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You asked for 4hire quality toilets - here they are

We only look at a new offering at 4hire if we can answer a simple question;

Is it available in the islands and if it is, can we do it better?

Well, here is our solution to the site toilet. Our parent company, GAP, are one of the UK's largest hirers of portable site and event toilets.

We have taken advantage of their huge experience to offer the best site toilets and the best service possible.

No, we are not the cheapest, but we are the best.


Our units  feature:
110v Hot wash  - Hot water is seen as best practice on sites - office workers get it, why not site workers?

Soap, proper toilet paper and paper towels in a dispenser - details matter.

Solar LED interior light - well, why not?

Recirculating flush activated by foot pump - far, far more hygienic than hand pumps.

Internal ventilation - again, why not?

In line with our sustainable business methods, all of our toilet chemicals and paper products are bio degradable.

Our service

We only offer one type of service - the best.

We guarantee that we will service all toilets once a week in line with the regulations. Dependent on your use, we can do more services for you.

We give each unit a thorough clean - each time we service it. 

We refill all the consumables - each time we service it.

We report the condition to you before and after each service - straight to your in-box.

We arrange a suitable time for service that suits everyone and you will soon be receiving an alert to remind you we are coming.



Remember - the regulation calls for one unit, serviced weekly, for every 7 people working on site.           Don't get caught short!



Hot Wash Portable Toilet - 110V

Key Information

Floor area
5277 cm²
Tank volume
Seat height
85.8 kg

Safety Equipment

Hard hat Icon
Hard Hat
Goggles Icon
Gloves Icon
Boots Icon
How can we help?

How can we help?

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