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You must, by law, check for buried cables before you dig. It can save your life  or at least, a big bill. We offer a full training course for the correct use of these tools you don't just wave them around and hope call us to find out when the next course is.

The most important feature of these products is the fully automatic pinpointing function, which allows quick and accurate location, without the need for adjustment by the operator. There is no awkward manual tuning, the EziCAT does it automatically.

The EziCAT 200 underground service locator incorporates the capability of depth estimation of a service when utilised in conjunction of with a EziTrace signal generator.

The EZiTRACE signal generator is designed in conjunction with the EziCAT cable avoidance locators.

A dual frequency generator for locating the precise of underground pipe or cable that does not carry a naturally present signal.

We also hold a range of extras from cable clamps to 13 Amp plug signal connector, please call for more information.

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