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Diesel and electrics - modern, safe and efficient

Our range of forklifts goes from 1.8T to 3.3T capacity with lift heights of between 3.5m and 4.8m.

Powered either by diesel or 48V electric motors we can supply the machine you need.

Are you fully trained to use a forklift? View our Forklift Training course for more information. 




Key Information

Manitou ME 318
48v electric - 3 phase charger Max capacity 1800Kg Duplex free lift mast Max lift height 3.6 M Width 1.09 M Cab height 2.0 M
Clark GTS25D
Diesel motor Fuel consumption 3.77 L/h CO2e output 10.1 kg/h Max capacity 2500Kg Triplex free lift mast Max lift height 4.8 M Width 1.19 M Cab height 2.17 M
Clark GTS33D
Diesel motor Fuel consumption 5.1 L/h CO2e output 13.7 kg/h Max capacity 3300kg Triplex free lift mast Max lift height 4.8M Width 1.25M Cab height 2.18M

Safety Equipment

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How can we help?

How can we help?

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