15kVA Diesel Generator

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Simple, solid site power 

Towable for ease of positioning and quiet when in use.

The Powermaker 15MVK multi-voltage generator has been designed to utilise the latest technology to provide a super silent machine which offers three voltages simultaneously; 415V three phase, 240V single phase, and 110V.

The alternator fitted uses damper windings and an automatic voltage regulator to give excellent performance characteristics including extremely low voltage regulation and minimal waveform distortion, so there!

An air duct construction and highly efficient sound insulation reduces the operating noise to a super silent whisper of 65dB(A) at 7m.



15 KVA Super Silent Generator

Key Information

Environmental Output
Fuel consumption 3.8 L/h CO2e output 10.2 kg/h
Kubota Diesel Electric start
110V / 240V 12kVA or 3 x 5kVA 415V 15kVA Frequency: 50Hz
Output sockets
1 x 415V 32A 2 x 240V 16A 1 x 110V 32A 2 x 110V 16A
Running time @ 75% load
12.5 hours
Operating weight

Safety Equipment

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