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maximum performance and manoeuvrability

Designed for compaction in confined areas of granular soil in narrow trenches, these plates are also ideal for curbs, gutters, around tanks, forms, columns, footings, guard railings, drainage ditches, gas & sewer works, and building construction.

Special contoured running surfaces and rounded edges provide maximum performance and maneuverability. A newly designed 'low-vibration' guide handle greatly improves operator comfort and minimizes fatigue. Ergonomically designed lifting handles offer easier loading and unloading too.


  • Lightweight, high-strength components keep machine weight down and allow for easy handling.
  • Straight, center-mounted guide handle offers superior maneuverability and can be lowered within inches of the surface to operate the plate under obstacles and form work.
  • Tough, wear resistant ductile iron base plate offers durability and shock resistance.
  • Water tank models have a large capacity polyethylene tank that includes a large filter inside the tank to prevent clogging during operation and can be easily removed for cleaning and draining.
  • Asphalt models include a spray bar with angled holes to allow for complete water coverage for no asphalt pick up on the plate bottom.


Base plate

  • Tapered and rounded edges minimize the formation of undesired edges when turning the base plate and provide a smooth surface.
  • Made of wear resistant ductile cast iron for a long service life.
  • First class results in asphalt compaction due to the very high quality base plate.

Guide handle

  • The forward pivoting handle allows for operations such as upward pulling of the plate when working on a slope.
  • Due to the central mounting of the guide handle the plate can be turned quickly and easily.

Solid protection frame with lifting eye

  • Optimum protection of engine and water tank reduces repair costs.
  • The robust lifting eye is integrated in the protection frame for safe lifting.
  • Ideal for lateral operation along edges.

Water tank

  • The 11 liters tank capacity reduces time for refills and thus increases productivity.
  • Easy filling due to the large tank lid.
  • Optional for all models of the WP series.

Paving Pad

  • Perfect protection of paving stones during compaction.
  • Quick and stable mounting.
  • Essential accessory for all pavement applications.



1540 400mm Plate Compactor

Key Information

Environmental output
Honda Petrol Engine Fuel consumption 0.8 L/h CO2 output 1.86 kg/h
Base widths
400mm or 500mm
Operating weight
74kg (400mm), 80kg (500mm)
Compacted area (soil)
Up to 550m²/h
Vibration frequency
Max centrifugal force

Safety Equipment

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